Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Four Pillars of a Financial Education.

When one teaches, two learn. Robert Half 

Want your kids to learn how to manage money so they will always have some, and it won’t always be yours? Then help them build a firm foundation. Start with the four pillars. 

By showing them a structure to follow, giving them tools, techniques and strategies to use and engaging with them in the learning experience, they are off to building a successful financial future. 

The Four Pillars provides them with this structure. It will serve them through all life stages. As they grow in their knowledge and experience the pillars will continue to support their learning in:
  • Managing their money/cash flow/banking 
  • Distinguishing between needs & wants 
  • Saving for short term and long term goals 
  • Budgeting 
  • Tracking where their money goes 
  • Handling debt - the difference between good & bad debt 
  • Staying Organized 
  • Learning the language of $$ 
  • Understanding financial documents and terms 
  • Protecting their identity 
  • Building wealth 

   Pay-Yourself-First             Spend Wisely            Save Regularly            Give Intentionally   

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"A firm foundation is necessary for any building, institution, or individual to endure."
Russell M. Nelson

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